Gold Award Projects

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout can earn.  It is an achievement that requires a girl to search her community for a need, develop a plan to fill that need, form a team to help her bring her plan to fruition, and then complete a self-sustaining project.  It is a monumental task that only a fraction of girls complete.

Below we are highlighting some amazing girls doing amazing projects around our great nation.  Please take time to explore their projects and share in the impact that they are having on their communities both near and far.


Food Allergy Education

Name of Girl Scout: Ava P.
Description of Project: 
   My main inspiration for this project is my mom, who has life threatening food allergies and has been excluded from events at times or people don't understand her allergy. Another inspiration for this project is Girl Scout girls that get excluded from their troop during activities for having allergies. Most troop leaders aren't prepared for the allergy Girl Scout and don't know what to do for her so they say "Maybe this troop is not right for you" and food shame the girl because they don't want to deal with her. So, I got the idea to educate troop leaders, volunteers, and girls in the troop about food allergies, so that the allergy girl is safer and included.      
   My Gold Award purpose is to educate girls, leaders and volunteers to know how to spot anaphylaxis, use an epi pen, call 911 in an emergency when someone is  having a reaction, plan safe meals for the allergy girl, how to read food labels, being safe around the allergy girl (like washing your hands after a meal, etc.), and just overall awareness so the allergy girl can be included but also safe. I'm making badges for all the levels of Girl Scouts making the steps either easier or harder for the different levels.
   I also want the leaders/volunteers to be educated but talk/work with the parents too. And I want to eventually educate all the Girl Scouts across the USA and get my badge into the official GSUSA curriculum and possibly make it into a GSUSA Journey that includes the first aid badge, the food badges, and a take action project for all Girl Scout levels: Daisy through Ambassador. Adults too!


Unlocking Hoops

Name of Girl Scout: Nicole N.
Description of Project: 
   My gold award is about giving young girls the same athletic opportunities as young boys do. So many girls are often geared towards "Girl Activities" like dance and gymnastics instead of sports like basketball and lacrosse. I have done a lot of research and there is a significant difference between the athletic opportunities for boys compared to girls. It is important that girls are given the same opportunities as boys so they can succeed.  Colleges offer a lot of scholarships for sports and often that is the only way a child can attend school given financial hardships.  
   So to give girls the same opportunity to try sports - I am dedicating this website to showing them how to learn to play basketball as well as give in-person basketball lessons as well as reminding them that the only thing stopping them from succeeding is themselves.  Gender should not play a role in why they can't do/try something that they want.

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